There are a variety of Extended Health Care plans available via such insurers as Great West Life, Blue Cross, Greenshield, Sun Life Financial, Manulife and more. Some of these plans offer you a maximum number of treatments per year, others have a maximum dollar amount per year. The amount of money reimbursed per treatment also depends of your insurance plan. You should check with your insurance provider to confirm your coverage for the specific type of treatment you are planning to start.

Most Extended Health Care plans do not require you to have a doctor's referral to get Registered Massage Therapy treatment, but it's best to check with your provider before booking your appointment.
ICBC coverage after MVA

If you have been in a recent car accident and plan to use your ICBC coverage, doctor's referral is no longer necessary for the first 12 treatments. But after that to continue receiving massage treatments, you DO NEED an MD (Medical Doctor's) Referral before you can continue to get treatments. It is your responsibility to check with your ICBC adjuster or your case lawyer regarding your Registered Massage Therapy coverage. The current rate of reimbursement by ICBC is $23.00 per treatment.
Anton is not a direct service provider for ICBC (opted out) so you will have to pay him the full price of his treatment and then submit his receipt to ICBC for reimbursement.

Worksafe BC (WCB)

Please note that Anton does not bill Worksafe BC directly (opted out); however, given that he is a Registered Therapist, Worksafe BC will accept his treatments under their coverage. Anton will have to contact your case manager at WCB to confirm allowance for treatment.  You will be responsible for paying the full treatment fee and then you can submit the receipt to Worksafe BC for reimbursement. Please check with your individual case manager as to what portion of the fee will be reimbursed, as full coverage is usually not provided.

Medical Services Plan (MSP)

MSP covers a PORTION ($23) of the cost of your visit (up to 10 visits per year, combined with chiropractic, podiatry and/or physiotherapy). Anton's status as a practitioner with MSP is “Hard Opt Out”. This means that you are responsible for paying for massage treatment upfront full price, then you will  complete the claim card that you will submit to MSP. They will then send YOU a reimbursement cheque equivalent to $23 per treatment. Please note that only premium assistance patients (low income or disabled)  are eligible for this coverage. For more details please read MSP website or call them.

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